Our Past Presidents

From left: Paula Danoff,  Karen Miller,  Kate Kligora,  Kathryn Talty,  Theresa Gernand,  Rebecca Garces, and Sue Laue

Dina Mead, President 2013-2014
Dina is a long time member of the Junior League. She first joined the Junior League of Westchester-on-Hudson, NY in 1985. There she was Membership Development Chair and Provisional Trainer followed by Nominating/Placement Chair. In 1991, Dina moved to Southern California and transferred into the Junior League of Orange County. There she was the Provisional Trainer for a class of 150 new members, followed by Advisor and American Girl Fashion Show Chair. In 2005, Dina moved to Wilmette and transferred into the Junior League of Evanston-North Shore. Since moving here she has been on the Admissions Committee, Co-Chaired the Admissions Committee, sat on the Nominating Committee, served as Dues Treasurer, Member-at-Large and Thrift House Chair. Following her year as President Elect her crowning achievement is to serve as President for the Junior League of Evanston-North Shore 2013-2014.




Dorothy Colette, President 2012-2013




Emily Marshall, President 2011-2012 

Jeanni McCormick, President 2010-2011

Kate Kligora, 2009-2010 (see photo above)

Kathryn Talty, 2008-2009 (see photo above)

Paula Danoff, 2007-2008 (see photo above)

Maria Doughty, 2006-2007

Rebecca Garces, 2005-2006 (see photo above)

Theresa Gernand, 2004-2005 (see photo above)

Laura Rempel, 2003-2004

Marley Crane, 2002-2003

Karen Miller, 2001-2002 (see photo above)

Katie Hicks, 2000-2001

Susan Laue, 1999-2000 (see photo above)

(Our apologies to our more recent Past-Presidents that are not currently pictured. Photos are in the process of being collected.)